hi there.

My name is Zelly, and I’m an artist living in North Carolina.

I like to make cool stuff.

This includes fun merch, apparel, and whatever tickles my fancy.

Got a project?

I'd love to work with you, and am currently available for freelance opportunities. 

my skillset includes:

I find myself inspired by the weird and wonderful, and try to bring a sense of playfulness and magic to my work.

Past clients include:
Ladies of Literature Volume II
Dual Wield Studio
CK McClatchy High School
Cheerily Co
My design sense is very informed by my illustration, but I like to work for a variety of goals - from branding and logo, to physical products, to social media ad campaigns.
Like many entrepreneurial types, what use is making something if you can’t sell it? I’ve been able to put my film degree to use in creating interesting and fresh, customer-centric copyrighting and stories.

With a background in operations management at a screen printing company, I have extensive experience in sourcing promotional goods as well as products for in-house fulfillment.

My skillset includes
- Extensive knowledge of the print-ready-apparel industry
- Domestic and no-minimum vendors
- Large scale international vendors

My newest foray is into the world of web design, and have experience doing server based websites as well as building out Shopify and Wordpress websites as well.
I take pride in not only keeping up with merchandising trends, but also in my ability to help others get the most out of their market.
Zazzle.com: I currently work as a full-time Associate Merchandiser at Zazzle, where my primary function is building pages using our internal system, as well as conducting marketing experiments in order to improve conversion across the site.

Cheerily.co:  Working with our small team of 5, I have helped launch all new collections and campaigns since August 2021. 

Popoalu: As a longtime friend, I have provided backend assistance for both her web shop as well as at in-person events, helping to organize and increase productivity with her sales practices and merchandising efforts. 

looking for merch?

Check out my online store for my personal work!

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